Commissions and fees
We do not charge any commissions or account fees. It is compensated for its services through bid/ask spread.
Currency pair Spread Standard lot size Margin at the leverage 1:500 Cost of 1 pip
AUD/CAD 1100000 AUD200 USD10 CAD
AUD/CHF 1100000 AUD200 USD10 CHF
AUD/JPY 1100000 AUD200 USD1000 JPY
AUD/NZD 1100000 AUD200 USD10 NZD
AUD/USD 1100000 AUD200 USD10 USD
CAD/JPY 1100000 CAD200 USD1000 JPY
CHF/JPY 1100000 CHF200 USD1000 JPY
EUR/AUD 1100000 EUR200 USD10 AUD
EUR/CAD 1100000 EUR200 USD10 CAD
EUR/CHF 1100000 EUR200 USD10 CHF
EUR/GBP 1100000 EUR200 USD10 GBP
EUR/JPY 1100000 EUR200 USD1000 JPY
EUR/USD 1 100000 EUR 200 USD10 USD
GBP/AUD 1100000 GBP200 USD10 AUD
GBP/CAD 1100000 GBP200 USD10 CAD
GBP/CHF 1100000 GBP200 USD10 CHF
GBP/JPY 1100000 GBP200 USD1000 JPY
GBP/NZD 1100000 GBP200 USD10 NZD
GBP/USD 1100000 GBP200 USD10 USD
NZD/CAD 1100000 NZD200 USD10 CAD
NZD/JPY 1100000 NZD200 USD1000 JPY
NZD/USD 1100000 NZD200 USD10 USD
USD/CAD 1100000 USD200 USD10 CAD
USD/CHF 1100000 USD200 USD10 CHF
USD/JPY 1100000 USD200 USD1000 JPY
EUR/NZD 1100000 EUR200 USD10 NZD
GOLD 30 c100 troy ounces200 USD10 USD
SILVER 3 c5000 troy ounces200 USD10 USD
  • 24-hour trading on the Forex market from Sunday 18:00 to Friday 15:00 EST.
  • 26 CURRENCY PAIRS Trading.
  • Gold and Silver Trading
  • NO RFQ (Request For Quote), even in fast markets.
  • Auto execution with no rejects
  • No trading restrictions
  • Minimal account size is $2000
  • Leverage 1000:1
  • Minimal margin is 100 USD per standard lot
  • No commissions.
  • Expert Adviser allowed.

  • This information has been prepared for information only and does not constitute an offer or commitment nor does it constitute investment advice. Please note that the firm makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information and opinions herein.
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